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Cliff VanDeusen II

Cliff VanDeusen

    I currently work for Grand Ledge Area Fire since October 2000, Proud IAFF Union Member since 2000 with Grand Ledge Fire Fighters Local #2627.

    My pride and joy is my FAMILY! I have a Beautiful wife of 26 years and two daughters, one 24 y/o, a supervisor at Origami Brain Rehab in Mason/ Okemos Area and a 19 y/o, now a sophomore at Alma College (And I am WAY OVER Protective of all of my girls!).

    I enjoy summertime activities more than anything, well exception of hunting in the fall. We are avid boaters and have just recently joined the Side by Side Community with the purchase of our Polaris Razor, which has not grown any moss under it since we brought it home!

    For the past few years I have really gotten into the fitness arena, learning and lifting, showing my friends, family and crews at the station that fitness needs to be a part of our lives, especially as we age a little more. It keeps us going, gives us better health (Both physically and mentally) and gets you out of your own head!

    My daughters have been at the dating age for a while now and DAD isn’t really handling this too well, so a coping agent for me has to never call the boys they bring home by their real name (I usually cant remember their names anyways) and I’ve always said “Their names are irrelevant until there is a ring on their finger!”, which I BETTER KNOW ABOUT FIRST!!!!! I am a little bit Old Fashion in that manner, them boys better ask Dad for permission first!

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