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Firefighters Supporting Firefighters, and Beyond

We are Capital Area Peer Support (CAPS). In 2018, members from fire departments throughout the Capital Region of Michigan came together to form a support network for the mental and physical health of our brothers and sisters in the fire service. Since that time, we have expanded to include all first responders, and their families.

As first responders ourselves, we realize that our brothers and sisters have very stressful jobs. Add to that the stresses of everyday life and it is easy to find ourselves needing a little help. We can find ourselves in a crisis from a single traumatic event, accumulative stress from several events, a major life event, or a combination of any of these factors. No matter your circumstances, we are here for you! If you would like to talk with a peer, call or text the CAPS Helpline: 989-372-6664.

Team Members
Our Board Members
  • Mike Roman (Delta)

  • Lloyd Scharer (Delta)

  • Bob Urburtis (Delta)

  • Kevin Zimmerman (Delta)

  • Curtis Stewart (Ret. LFD)

  • Bill Pawluk (Ret. LFD)

  • Jim Ladiski (ELFD)

  • John McDermott (MTFD)

  • Michael Yanz (NIESA)

  • Ron Cole (NIESA)

  • Quang Le (LFD)

  • Eric Weber (LFD)

  • Charles Stadt (LFD)

  • Justin Conklin (LFD)

  • Katie Kent (LFD)

  • Shawn Deprez (LFD)

  • Mike Baker (LFD)

  • Todd Hendy (LTFD)

  • Steve Dekett (Leslie FD)

  • Brian Crippen (Delhi Twp FD)

  • Corey Drolett (Delhi Twp FD)

  • Cliff VanDeusen (Grand Ledge FD)

  • Nick George (Grand Ledge FD)

  • President, Mike Roman

  • Vice President, Mike Yanz

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Ladiski

  • Trustee, Greg Ginebaugh

  • Trustee, Cliff VanDeusen

  • Clinical Coodinator, Kathy Lewis-Ginebaugh, Psy.D., MS

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